Virtual Conversations



Unfortunately, employers, recruiters, or hiring managers sometimes ask interview questions that are irrelevant or make a job candidate feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s a case of an interviewer not knowing what they shouldn’t be asking during a job interview. Other times the employer knows better, but still asks inappropriate interview questions or says something he or she shouldn’t say to try to get more information from an applicant. Those who interview job candidates need resources to keep themselves and job candidates out of harms’ way.

Join us as we speak with UB Ciminieri, CMO & Head of Strategic Partnerships at InterviewIA , who has created solutions for companies that focus on people first and the value that every human brings to the table, and centered on belonging.

Attendees will engage with topics that include:

Pains of the interviewing process

What keeps you from being confident?

Main biases that interfere with an objective interview


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