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The Equity Leadership model provides leaders a framework for creating a learning environment where employees across their many differences engage deeply and achieve at higher levels while staying true to who they are.

But what if your ‘learning environment’ is prohibiting learning? In the case of Unconscious Bias training, it’s not working.

With the increasing need for individual change and acceptance of others, Diversity and Inclusion training has increased but has fallen short in its effectiveness to change. Although it provides an awareness of our psychological programming based on individual environment, upbringing, and societal influences, unfortunately, participants perceive this training with a shame/blame tone and mindset, which causes a defensive reaction, creating a psychological wall that keeps the learned information from being absorbed or positively experienced.

Do you think salespeople are “pushy”? Do you have a new hire that you think is “too slow” and can’t seem to keep up with his/her workload? Have you ever felt bullied at work? Have you ever felt “micro-managed” by your manager? Do you have a team member that always seems to question every decision?

Join us as we discuss training environments that block learning and why:

  • Psychological Barriers that Block Learning
  • Behavioral Resistance Gaps 

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